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Eco Quest: The Last Garden Of Eden

Eco Quest: The Last Garden of Eden is the new, never before seen 4k documentary television series for the intrepid traveler that pushes the envelope in the way we see the natural world around us.  Each episode will take viewers to unimaginable heights, depths, and never-before-seen places that are making a difference to protect and preserve planet earth’s environmental meccas.  It’s a captivating blend between successful series such as Globe Trekker and Anthony Bordain’s Parts Unknown.


This initial pilot show, and 6 part documentary television series, focuses on sustainable tourism and will connect viewers to the pulse of the planet by providing rare access to the natural world and thrilling adventures to showcase exotic places, cultures, and the people who are making a difference to protect our natural world.  Each episode will focus on unique explorations of discovery, pro-active and sustainable environmental solutions, and progressive new-science techniques, capped off with intrepid travel adventures to uncover stories that are making positive change on planet earth, from unraveling issues to protect declining reef health in our underwater world to seeing how some of the world’s top conservation scientists are making change for a more resilient earth.

This series will open the door to stories of species survival and cultural curiosity, as we explore our planet with those who have traversed its passageways, probed its scientific mysteries, and advocated for its protection.  This important 6 X one-hour series will engage a wide global television audience with pioneering technologies and solutions to help solve some of our planet’s biggest eco-health problems with stories that will feature people who are making a difference to share their unique hands-on experiences along the way.

Eco Quest: The Last Garden of Eden tells the story of our planet, offering rare access and in-depth reporting about our beautiful natural world and access to some of its most exotic and amazing places. Ultimately, the series delivers a compelling global perspective on the wonders of our environment and those who work to preserve and play in it in a way never before seen.


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