Colorado’s filmmaking scene continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. More often than not, filmmakers are choosing to stay and work in the state rather than moving to Los Angeles or New York.

Denver Film supports its local community with panels, networking events, fiscal sponsorship opportunities and grants available for Colorado-based productions to ensure a thriving local film scene.

Our Filmmaker Focus is a partnership with Colorado Film & Video Association and the Colorado Office of Film Television Media. For more information email


Filmmaker Toolkit

The Filmmaker Toolkit is a series of workshops and networking opportunities designed to help local filmmakers hone their skills and develop essential partnerships that support the industry in Colorado.


Panels and Special Events

Hear from top industry professionals on niche topics ranging from the greenlighting process to foreign sales.


Filmmaker Resources

Resources such as Denver Film’s fiscal sponsorship program are designed to help Colorado filmmakers move step-by-step through the process of getting their projects funded, made and seen.

For many years, I had the good fortune to come to Denver as a guest producer at the Denver Film Festival, and was always impressed with the quality of the event. Since moving to Colorado, I've witnessed Denver Film as a cultural force in our community, active in many diverse initiatives.
Donald Zuckerman
Colorado Film Commissioner

Filmmaker Resources

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship is a fundraising tool that serves as an alternative to establishing your own 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to receive grants and donations. Click below to learn more and for application information.

Industry Membership

Are you a filmmaker? The Industry Membership is an exclusive membership available to Colorado Film Industry professionals. Discounts on film submissions, panels, theater rentals, and invitations to filmmaker events.

Featured Projects

Denver Film is proud to support Colorado production. Please check out our featured projects that are part of our fiscal sponsorship program and consider donating to help them complete their work.

Cinema NewCINEMA, Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media and Arts, is devoted to promoting statewide advocacy and education as to the effects of media production on the local and state economy. Media production stimulates virtually all facets of the economy through increased sales and lodging activity, job creation, tourism and much much more.
CINEMA needs your help to continue this mission. Media incentives face challenges each year and are only defeated through the work of our amazing lobbyist team, the Office of Film, Television and New Media and CINEMA’s volunteers. Our lobbyist team has been incredibly supportive and offered vastly discounted rates, but we still have to pay them. CINEMA needs your donations to continue creating jobs and stimulating local and state economies.
Music on Film - Film on Music Documentary Fund


Music on Film – Film on Music Documentary Fund

The MOFFOM Grant Program will support production expenses for documentary filmmakers specifically for music licensing, scoring, and composition. The Denver Film Society will award up to $25,000 annually in grant support.