Lucy With The TruthHaving declared truth officially on holiday, our heroine Lucy drags an initially hesitant Brock into one playful con after another testing his propriety to the core. As Brock begins to let his guard down and finds liberation in lying, he sees their antics are having serious effects. While he vacillates between his moral attachment to truth and his desire to win the lady over, Lucy convinces Brock to go along with just one more scheme. Caught in a web of deadly deception, will Lucy finally decide to tell the truth? And if she does, will it really set them free?The fast wit and banter of Lucy with the Truth is written and directed by Gregg Stouffer, an award-winning filmmaker with an Emmy, Telly and MTV Award. This non-partisan mad-cap comedy shines light onto the liberation of lying, and the consequences that arise when we lose our center. Driven by a strong female lead, Lucy offers us a moment to explore our own center caught somewhere between the truth and a lie.This modified-low budget film is slated to begin shooting for 20 days in the Winter of 2017/2018, in Denver, CO. Producers have begun the SAG signatory process including successfully casting for diversity incentives. Additionally, the production has focused on gender balanced hiring with commitments to pay equality for all crew and talent.For more information on Lucy with the Truth, please reach out to us at

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