Fiscal Sponsorship Project


Maryville, a catholic orphanage in Des Plaines Illinois, has harbored and provided for Chicago’s abused or neglected children for one-hundred-thirty-three years and counting.  Throughout its remarkable history, even to the present day, Maryville has constructively adapted its childcare methods in response to the recurrent changes in social and economic conditions.

Maryville the film will showcase various positive impacts that a once dormitory-style support system had on a small sample of children who were residents of Maryville during the 1950’s and 1960’s. As adults, these Maryville alumni will reflect on the “family” they build within the orphanage, as well as highlight a remarkable career of service by former director of the orphanage, Father John Smyth.

The story of Maryville is passionate, inspiring, and detailed.  With your support through the post-production process, this film will receive a beautiful music score, custom titles, motion graphics, and final color correction. Your contributions will also go towards festival submission fees to ensure Maryville reaches the broadest audience possible. A dedicated Colorado filmmaking team plans to release the film to festivals in the spring of 2017. Thank you for your time and generous support.

-Patrick Behan (Director/Editor)


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