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Remembering Us

This is a story of a man on the verge of losing everything after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and his last-ditch decision to try medical marijuana to treat the debilitating symptoms. “Remembering Us” explores how families cope with this long-term disability and the stigma associated with it. It’s an emotional journey of overcoming biases and the patient’s own misconceptions toward using marijuana: a recognized medical option with its own set of stigmas.

Kate Tear

The filmmakers are Scott Takeda and Lori Kay Allred of Wine Dog Pictures, LLC.  Scott and Lori are a real-life TBI patient and caregiver.  Through this film, they’ll share their story of a family working through his long recovery, and how they are now experiencing a new normal after the profound changes. They also focus their lens on the caregiver, a woman carrying the load for her family financially and emotionally, until she eventually hits her breaking point.  Now in post production for a festival run, the film has received media attention from Westword, to CBS-4, to KOA Radio, to Channel 2 News.

Steve Tries to Work

For more information, click on the Wine Dog Pictures site, where you can reach the filmmakers through their contact page.

Scott and Lori are honored to work with Denver Film in their Financial Sponsorship Program, and grateful for everyone who had contributed with their tax-deductible donation.

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