This is a story of a man on the verge of losing everything after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Remembering Us explores how families cope with this long-term illness and the stigma associated with it.  It’s an emotional journey of overcoming biases against the illness, plus the patient’s preconceptions toward using marijuana to treat his illness: a recognized medical option with its own set of stigmas.  Our hope is the film will be a conversation starter for those families experiencing the effects of a TBI. Our co-screenwriter/directors are Scott Takeda and Lori Kay Allred – a real-life TBI patient and caregiver.  Through this film, they’ll share their story of working through his long recovery, and how they are now experiencing life after profound changes.   We’ll also focus on the caregiver, carrying the load for the family financially and emotionally, until she eventually hits a breaking point.

The other main character to the film is time – the only thing that “heals” a TBI.  We will shoot this short film in over the span of 2018 to show the passage of time, here in the Denver Metro area.

Joining Takeda and Allred is producer Brock Sherman. The three are a trio of Emmy winning filmmakers from BS Filmworks.

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