SchlitzieSchlitzie: One of Us is a love letter to the 4-foot-tall performer, who was born with microcephaly and made his most notable cultural impact via the 1932 classic Freaks.

The doc examines how he touched the hearts of many people and made an impact on pop culture while imparting a hopeful message.

There is a fan base out there, but others will appreciate the tone of acceptance and tolerance, and that everyone deserves a chance to live and be a part of society, no matter how different you look, talk or act.

Not only will the documentary be entertaining, it should appeal to those who are different: those with Autism, Down Syndrome, the LGBT community, children who are bullied, those body shamed, etc.

We ask for your donation, so we can continue the production, the travel, the equipment, music licensing and of course, making sure the crew gets paid.


Schlitzie One of Us Campaign from Marc Chusid on Vimeo.

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