Ron Henderson & Tim Robbins

As lifelong filmgoers, we can all picture with effortless clarity our favorite scenes, the ones that changed the way we saw the world around us—the ones that changed the way we saw film itself, through the powerful lens of its very ability to change the way we saw the world around us.

Now take a moment to picture something even more eye-opening: we in turn have the power to change the way the world around us sees films.

Public support—your support—enables the Denver Film Society to bring the best and brightest in independent and world cinema to the Sie FilmCenter and Denver Film Festival. But support doesn’t stop at the box office. In fact, with ticket sales comprising just 39% of our annual budget, the viewing audience plays only a minor role in maintaining the day-to-day operations of the DFS. It’s our members, volunteers, sponsors and patrons who truly co-star in the big picture we work to present: one of a community coming together to explore and celebrate the socially transformative impact of the art of film.

There are many ways to support the Denver Film Society.  You may consider becoming a sponsor of a film or education program, or donate to become a patron showing your support of one of Denver's long-time, cultural arts organizations!