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For 40 years the Denver Film Society has been bringing new stories, educational programs and events to the Denver Area. We continue to develop opportunities for diverse audiences to discover film through creative, thought-provoking experiences and your donation can help make that happen.


Underwrites the projection costs to screen a 35mm film print


Underwrites the film entry fee for up to five student filmmakers


Underwrites the average cost of a domestic film rental


Underwrites the cost of flying one filmmaker to DFF to participate in a post-film Q&A


Provides a deserving teen with a scholarship to our Young Filmmakers Workshops


Brings a US filmmaker to a DocNight, CinemaQ, or Women+Film Program


Support four emerging filmmakers to attend DFF and participate in a career-enhancing Filmmaker Focus panel discussions.

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Whatever you have to donate means the world to us and we thank you for choosing to donate to DFS.

Fantastic films you don't see anywhere else, luxurious comfortable seats, elegant and tasteful lounge area, a full bar, and the hippest, friendliest and most helpful staff of any theater I've been in. - Sie FilmCenter Customer

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