Ability to Activate

The Denver Film Festival provides opportunities for participant education, product sampling, demonstrations, and other direct interaction with our loyal audience members, helping to create strong brand awareness.

attentive and loyal audience

Film festivals focus the audiences' attention thus maximizing brand visibility and awareness for companies that sponsor. Prior to and throughout the Festival, sponsor representatives are invited to participate in various networking events with other business leaders and community influencers. Through surveys conducted during the Festival, local and regional audience members have indicated their intent to patronize Festival supporters more often as a result of their sponsorship.

exclusive/official status

Denver Film Society offers exclusive category rights to Supporting, Associate, Presenting, and Title Sponsors, enabling sponsors to market their product or services more effectively.

unparalleled entertainment opportunity

Most recently, the Denver Film Festival has had the pleasure of hosting such prestigious guests as Tim Robbins, Anthony Minghella, Ang Lee, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Morgan Freeman, Francis Ford Coppola, William H. Macy, Sean Penn,  Shirley McLaine,  James Coburn, and Sydney Pollack.  Actors and filmmakers provide glamorous entertainment oportunities for corporations to entertain business associates, clients and employees at private VIP receptions, high-profile gala events, and intimate discussions in private Festival lounges. 

Exceptional Media Coverage

The Denver Film Society's excellent programming and high profile guests garner media attention locally and nationally from TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and various websites.  Sponsors are included in all Festival press releases and receive guaranteed media exposure through Festival marketing.

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