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Beasts Undiscovered

Beasts Undiscovered is a father-daughter comedy, similar festival darlings like Little Miss Sunshine and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, with the addition of fantasy elements, and set in the Colorado Rockies. Its screenplay was a quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, was covered in Variety, and spent six months as a “Top Script” on The Black List, one of whose reviewers called it, “a charming off-beat crowd-pleaser.” It’s also something of a love letter to my daughters, and to the idea of finding wonder in a cynical world.  in tone to

Our award-winning production team has been hard at work in recent months: 

  • We have interest from an Oscar-nominated actor to star, subject to scheduling and completion of funding. 
  • We’ve been developing relationships with potential distributors who can deliver our film to audiences. 
  • We’re eligible for a 20% Colorado production incentive rebate, so your donations go even further.
  • We recently signed a deal with the Jim Henson Creature Shop, and they’ve already begun creating p
    ractical effects! 

Beasts Undiscovered is currently in preproduction, and will begin principal photography in  Fall 2021.

Beasts Undiscovered


Jake became a sensation when as a young man he discovered the Loch Ness Monster. But that was decades ago, and he’s since proven himself to be a one-hit wonder. These days it’s Jake’s former protégé who returns from expeditions with manticore cubs and chupacabra, wowing the press and corporate sponsors with techniques he stole from Jake. Jake’s personal life is just as bleak, and his daughter, Sarah, barely speaks to him since he and Sarah’s mother got divorced. But when Sarah inadvertently brings him a clue to the whereabouts of a Sasquatch, Jake will beg, borrow, and steal to mount one last expedition, dragging Sarah along into the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Now to survive the wilderness, their competitors, and the fantastic creatures themselves, Jake and Sarah must face the toll of Jake’s Quixotic dreams, and rediscover the sense of wonder they once shared. 

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