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BLACKFACE: the story of nobody

“BLACKFACE: the story of nobody” is a family drama about a renowned Negro entertainer who in 1918 New York begrudgingly performs in blackface as the cost to provide for his family and his desperate desire to be accepted as one of New York’s performing elite. His dream of stepping beyond his blackface routines amazingly materializes when presented with the opportunity to perform Hamlet on Broadway. His taking the Hamlet role creates chaos as he forges ahead despite Broadway’s white way, his wife’s distress for family safety, and his self-doubt. As the pressures overtake him, he is shaken to his core and must face the fears beneath his determination or crumble into dreaded obscurity while another generation performs in blackface. “BLACKFACE: the story of nobody” explores the themes of systemic inequities, family, and identity.

Project type: Narrative Feature

Project status: Development

Writer/Director/Actor: Cajardo Lindsey

Producers: Michanda Lindsey, Travis Milloy

Cinematographer: Robert Muratore

Production Designer: Robert Mark Morgan

Editor: Milkhaus

Additional Crew: Kelley Jackson, Tia Phillip

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The Filmmakers Cajardo Lindsey and Michanda Lindsey formed 22Eleven Productions to create relevant, authentic, vulnerable, provocative, and empathetic theatrical motion pictures and television programming that inspire people to honor and embrace the individual uniqueness along with the collective commonality of being one humanity.

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