A statement from Sie FilmCenter Artistic Director Keith Garcia:

The expansive universe of what it means to be and express as Latino is giving voice to a maturation of that descriptive embracing a new level of diversity that can better represent women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those not necessarily from Latin American countries,” says Chief of Programming for the Sie FilmCenter, Keith Garcia. “Evolving our branding to CineLatinx will open our own presentation of that expanded universe year-round. Knowing that a great nod to the cinema of Brazil was in the works for the 2019 Denver Film Festival, we decided that shifting this mini-festival into the body of our larger celebration would lead to a more robust program for 2019 and beyond.

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Virtual Cinema

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Documentary • Cuba • 108 min.

A film about the butterfly effect on geopolitics, the paradox of time, the (almost) end of the world, the cinematograph, sex, and sugar - all through the lens of Cuba.

Song Without A Name

Drama • Peru • 97 min.

Georgina is a young woman from the Andes whose newborn daughter is stolen at a fake health clinic.

Bonus Conversation | We Are The Radical Monarchs

Documentary • USA

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Co-Founders of the Radical Monarchs and talk about the beginnings of the organization, their current struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future holds. Moderated by Denver's own Suzi Q. Smith.