A statement from Sie FilmCenter Artistic Director Keith Garcia:

The expansive universe of what it means to be and express as Latino is giving voice to a maturation of that descriptive embracing a new level of diversity that can better represent women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those not necessarily from Latin American countries,” says Chief of Programming for the Sie FilmCenter, Keith Garcia. “Evolving our branding to CineLatinx will open our own presentation of that expanded universe year-round. Knowing that a great nod to the cinema of Brazil was in the works for the 2019 Denver Film Festival, we decided that shifting this mini-festival into the body of our larger celebration would lead to a more robust program for 2019 and beyond.

CineLatinx Features

Nuestras Madres (Our Mothers)

Cesar Diaz • Drama • Guatemala (78 min.)

Guatemala, 2018. While the country is immersed in the trial of the soldiers who sparked the civil war, a young anthropologist finds a lead that may guide him to his father, against his mother’s wishes.


The Infiltrators

Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera • Documentary • USA (95 min.)

A rag-tag group of undocumented youth – Dreamers – deliberately get detained by Border Patrol in order to infiltrate a shadowy, for-profit detention center.



Li Cheng • Drama • Guatemala (85 min.)

José lives with his mother in Guatemala. It’s a tough life in one of the most violent and religious countries. When he meets Luis, he’s thrust into new-found passion and pain.



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