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For the past 12 years Denver Film has partnered with Alliance Française de Denver to present the best of French cinema, both contemporary and classic.


Film Selections

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) / Paradis sale

in-person & virtual • France • Dir. Bertrand Manidco

In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed planet, a lonely teenager, Roxy, releases an assassin from the sands she was buried in. Once freed, the criminal sparks death all around. Roxy and her mother are held accountable, banished from their community and forced to track the murderer down, which begins a long journey across the fantastical territories of their filthy paradise.

Archipelago / Archipel

in-person & virtual • canada • Dir. Félix Dufour-Laperrière

Based on a true story of "invented islands," this semi-fictional odyssey uses drawings and speeches to interrogate what is real, dreamed and in-between. It is a visualization of imaginary, linguistic and political territory that tells and dreams a place and its inhabitants.


In-person • France, Germany, Italy, Belgium • Dir. Bruno Dumont

A chronicle of the frenetic life of a star television journalist taken to stardom and a spiral of events that will lead to her downfall. Determined to come out of this tragic identity, she will experience redemption through hard work, then by a return to her existence, but this time with irony and derision.

Lingui, the Sacred Bonds / Lingui

In-person • Chad, france, germany, belgium • Dir. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

On the outskirts of N'djamena in Chad, Amina lives alone with her only 15-year-old daughter Maria. Her already fragile world collapses the day she discovers that her daughter is pregnant, but in a country where abortion is not only condemned by religion, but also by law, Amina finds herself facing a battle that seems lost in advance.

Madly in Life / Une vie démente

in-person & virtual • Belgium • Dir. Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni

Alex and Noémie want to have a child, but things get complicated when Suzanne, Alex's hype mother, becomes increasingly eccentric. Between the child they want and the one Suzanne becomes, everything gets mixed up. This is the story of a rodeo, the turbulent journey of a couple who discovers parenthood in reverse!

Paris, 13th District / Les Olympiades

in-person • france • Dir. Jacques Audiard

Paris, 13th District today. Emilie meets Camille, who is attracted to Nora, who crosses the path of Amber. Three girls and a boy redefine what modern love is.

Petite Maman

In-person • France • Dir. Céline Sciamma

8-year-old Nelly has just lost her beloved grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods where her mom, Marion, used to play and built the treehouse she’s heard so much about. One day her mother abruptly leaves. That’s when Nelly meets a girl her own age in the woods building a treehouse. Her name is Marion.

Roaring 20's / ANNÉES 20

in-person • France • Dir. Elisabeth Vogler

On one beautiful afternoon in Paris during the surreal summer of 2020, 24 different characters roam the streets of the city with a sense of giddy abandon after a spring of lockdown and confinement. Creatively and meticulously choreographed by director Elisabeth Vogler, and shot in one continuous take through many neighbourhoods, ROARING 20'S is a Slacker for our new decade; a series of local vignettes that help bring to full life a dynamic city and its young people who can find joy even in crisis.

Social Hygiene

in-person & virtual • canada • Dir. Denis Côté

Hedonistic philosopher-cum-delinquent Antonin attempts to both seduce and appease his wife, his lover, his sister, a tax collector and a mysterious new-comer. Between these five women, Antonin gets stuck.

The Velvet Queen / La panthère des neiges

In-person • france • Dir. Marie Amiguet

In the heart of Tibetan highlands, photographer Vincent Munier and novelist Sylvain Tesson explore inaccessible valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard. Through their journey, the two men engage in a conversation on our place among the living beings and celebrate the beauty of the world.


In-person • France, Belgium, Monaco • Dir. Gaspar Noé

The last days of an elderly couple stricken by dementia.

We / Nous

in-person • France • Dir. Alice Diop

An urban train link, the RER B, crosses Paris and its outskirts from north to south. Multiaward-winning documentary filmmaker Alice Diop takes us through these suburban spaces and confronts us with some of the faces and stories of which they are composed.

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