Developed for teens aged 12-18, the Denver Film Society’s Young Filmmakers Workshops (YFW) furnish their participants with opportunities to learn the art of cinema, collaborate with other young filmmakers, refine their work with industry professionals and exhibit their films in public premieres.

For two weeks during the summer, courses run weekdays from June 11 – August 3, 8:30am-2:30pm. YFW is hosted at multiple locations, including the Denver School of the Arts, CEC Early College, and the Colorado Film School. All workshops are $850 for two-weeks (less than $15 per hour for professional film education and training!), $450 for one week. Discounts are offered for multiple workshops and for multiple students from the same household. Early bird registration runs through March 9.

2018 Course Offerings

Introduction to Filmmaking B:
Mondays-Fridays June 25-July 6

Introduction to Acting for the Camera B:
Mondays-Fridays June 25-July 6

Documentary Filmmaking Workshop:
Mondays-Fridays June 25-July 6

Mastering the Short Screenplay:
Monday-Friday June 25-29

Masters Filmmaking:
Mondays-Fridays July 9-July 20

Masters Acting for the Camera:
Mondays-Fridays July 9-July 20

Focused Intensives:
Mondays-Fridays July 23 – August 3

– Advanced Screen Acting
– Directing
– Screenwriting
– Production Design
– Post-Production
– Animation

Denver Film Festival Workshop:
Nine days, between October 20-November 11

June 25 – July 6

Young Filmmakers Workshop Intro classes are for the budding filmmaker just beginning their foray into film. After a day of introductions and theory, the Young Filmmakers break into groups and begin writing and producing their films. Final films are premiered at the Sie FilmCenter, home of the Denver Film Society, on the Saturday after the workshop. Students are welcome and encouraged to take Intro as often as they like, as they will continue to grow their skills in all areas of the filmmaking process.

June 25 – July 6

Young Filmmakers Workshop introduces Acting for the Camera classes! Students will learn the ins and outs of a movie set while honing their craft as on-camera performers. All acting students will audition for the filmmaking classes and be selected for performance in at least one film. They will then apply their learned skills to a script and on a live film set, culminating in a red carpet premiere at the Sie FilmCenter, home of the Denver Film Society, on the Saturday after the workshop.

June 11 - 22

THIS PROGRAM WAS JUST REDUCED IN PRICE BY $400 THANKS TO AN AMAZING SPONSORSHIP! REGISTER TODAY BEFORE IT FILLS UP. Learn to shoot a TV Pilot with professional show-runners and filmmakers as your guides. Students will work from one or more of the SeriesFest TV Pilot Writing Workshop scripts to shoot and edit a TV Pilot that will premiere during SeriesFest at the Sie FilmCenter. This two week course is intended for intermediate-advanced students who will learn how to think of their projects as episodic and how to create successful TV pilots. Students interested in scripting for television should enroll in the February intensive program above.

June 25 – July 6

Students interested in documentary filmmaking will get the opportunity to be immersed in the art form for this two-week workshop. Learn from industry professionals how documentary stories are written, shaped, filmed, edited and delivered. Students in this class will research their stories and produce short-subject documentary films that will be premiered at the Sie FilmCenter with a Red Carpet screening event. This workshop is intended for intermediate-advanced students with previous knowledge of filmmaking.

July 9 – 20

Master Class is for more experienced Young Filmmakers who may have taken a Young Filmmakers Workshop in the past or taken other filmmaking workshops. In Master Class, the Young Filmmakers utilize more sophisticated equipment and continue to hone their filmmaking skills. Additionally, every other day, professionals in the film world come to share their expertise and path through the film world. Past presenters include Academy Award winners Daniel Junge, Donna Dewey and Davis Coombe; Principals of High Noon Productions, the world’s largest reality TV producers; Colorado Film Commissioner, Donald Zuckerman and others. Final films are premiered at the Sie FilmCenter, home of the Denver Film Society, on the Saturday after the workshop.

July 9 – 20

Master Class is the intermediate Acting for the Camera class and is intended for students who have taken Introduction this year or in a previous year, or have other screen acting experience. Students will work with acting professionals to hone their skills and create a successful audition reel. Students will then audition for the Master Class Filmmakers and be cast in at least one master film. Beyond the acting study and live on-set experience, students will engage in the post-production aspect of filmmaking by learning voice-over and other specific acting skills to enhance their specific films. The workshop culminates in a red carpet premiere at the Sie FilmCenter, home of the Denver Film Society, on the Saturday after the workshop.

July 23 – Aug 3

In Focused Intensives, Young Filmmakers choose one track to focus on - Directing; Cinematography/Production Design; Screenwriting, Post-Production and Advanced Acting for the Camera. Students spend the first week working with a professional in that discipline honing their craft. In the second week, one screenwriter, one cinematographer, one director, one editor, and actors group together to produce a film. Final films are premiered at the Sie FilmCenter, home of the Denver Film Society, on the Saturday after the workshop.

October 20 - November 11

Meet and interview professional filmmakers, film the illustrious red carpets, and talk to celebrities all during the course of this nine-day workshop. Students will make short-subject documentaries based on interviews conducted on the red carpet and at the press suite, all while seeing films and covering the Festival like a member of the accredited press.