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The Jazz Artist


“If you went through life without pissin’ some people off, you didn’t do life right.” – Mickey Walsh

With this line being the first spoken dialogue that is heard within the film, it captures the essence of risk taking in two types of ways. The first shows that it is a necessity for going the distance. In other words, comfort is a slow death. If you are not taking risks with what you love, you are hindering yourself as a human being who wants to let their spirit be free and create. The second type shows that you need to be aware of how risk taking might affect any one in your close community. As the director, writer, producer, and actor for the film, Chris McCoy has stated that community is the big message of focus within the piece. Remembering those who gave you a helping hand and inspired you to take your ambition to the next level.

Set in the 1950s-60s era, this short film follows a famous young NYC jazz artist named Mickey Walsh, The Irish Crooner. With the sins of his past catching up to him, he wonders how it all went wrong. Think Walk the Line meets Jersey Boys, with a hint of La La Land. This script is inspired by experiences from the director’s life including losing a best friend and a mentor, a near mugging on the streets of Atlanta, and the hardships that come with the life of an artist.

The song clip you hear represents the first piece Mickey ever wrote. In it he simply compares a star that lights up the night sky with the love we have for another person. That star and love is the beacon of hope we need when we are feeling alone in a large world. Inspired by Nat King Cole’s song “Smile”, Chris McCoy also wrote and performed it. The song was recorded and edited in Nashville by Cal Campbell, son of legendary Glen Campbell, in their family home on his father’s piano.

In this project the lasting and stirring message of community is told through an intertwining of music and life, a story that needs to be repeated again and again as we navigate the ups and downs of being lost and found as human beings.

PRODUCERS: Brandon Guzman, Domenic Jungling, Chris McCoy, Clayton Nix P.G.A.

About the Director:

Originally from Sarasota, FL, Chris McCoy grew up as a musician; he played percussion, guitar, and a little bit of piano. In high school, he joined the drama department and continued to perform at his local community theater. In 2018, he graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and a minor in History.

Classically trained as a singer, Chris started out working with opera and musical theatre before branching off to jazz. After performing in professional theaters for years, he decided to change directions by moving to Atlanta to pursue film acting and screenwriting in 2021. Ever since moving, Chris has been a part of productions in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and Connecticut. He currently works as a fulltime jazz singer in the city.

GENRE: Historical Fiction, Drama, Music

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