Fiscal Sponsorship Form

Fiscal Sponsorship is a fundraising tool that serves as an alternative to establishing your own 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to receive grants and donations. It allows filmmakers to apply for funding for non-commercial projects from organizations that require their recipients to have nonprofit status. In order to qualify for the fiscal sponsorship program, you must be a DFS member. We recommend the Filmmaker Membership; click here for more info.

If you’d prefer to complete the form in Word, please download and submit it send to

  • Producer, Director, etc
  • If other, please explain.
  • Should your project be approved for DFS Fiscal Sponsorship, you will receive a legally binding contract between DFS and the individual or company producing the project. DFS is a registered 501c(3), tax ID: 84-0771070 This person or corporation will also manage all funds raised, and will be responsible for reporting income/funds received for tax purposes. This individual or corporation must be a legal entity with a U.S. Tax ID Number in place already. For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Hannah Wold at Please provide below the details on this person or corporation.
  • A key factor in determining our acceptance of a project is the filmmaking team's ability to raise funding to complete the project. Include specific grants that you intend to pursue to meet your budget. If Equity Investments are part of the strategy, project may be denied.
  • Please be as detailed as possible (preproduction - post-production - outreach).
  • Confirmed principle crew only - Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor (1 paragraph each)