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The Heels Have Eyes: A Dragumentary

THE HEELS HAVE EYES: A DRAGUMENTARY is an intimate look behind the makeup of one of the most fascinating subcultures to captivate popular culture: drag performance. Through the lives of the “Diva Dozen” – the cream of the drag crop in Denver, Colorado including global sensation and RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE alum Nina Flowers – you’ll meet the men (and women) who have chosen drag as their art and who best illustrate the past, present and future of drag and just what it takes to bring a new persona to life. Along the way you’ll watch director Keith Garcia scratch his itch to dive into the world of drag wig first and walk a mile in another man’s heels as he makes his first time drag debut on one of the country’s biggest stages.

For eight years I’ve been following these passionate performers, recording their shows and watching their careers grow as the drag community itself has exploded in popularity and density both locally and nationally. Last year I successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to get the big important stuff started – intimate out of drag interviews, special one-of-a-kind performances and transformations – but it’s time to start bringing it all together as we complete pivotal interviews, bring on our full-time editor, head in to post and produce a series of faux trailers saluting Hollywood genres which will serve as a creative way to truly bring the large diverse cast of characters in town together. This film will not only shine a spotlight drag as an art form but bring attention to Denver’s incredibly tight-knit community of talented performers and artists working with passion and creativity. To finish this filming and pave the road to ready this film for the big screen, we seek an additional $118,000 and we are honored to work with the Denver Film Society in their Fiscal Sponsorship Program to cross that finish line with your – tax deductible! – help.

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