Lily ‘N’ Rose is a poetic short film about first best friends. Lily stands on the precipice of adolescence. When her best friend Rose abandons her for a new friend, Lily flees into the wilderness only to confront something even more profound.

Inspired by writer / director Sheryl Glubok’s own breakup with her first best friend, Lily ‘N’ Rose explores the nature of shifting identity, the resulting effect on friendships, and that first taste of heartbreak. The title is meant to evoke one person, but it’s actually two. It happens over one summer day; the day everything changes for Lily.

Because our film is meant to be a memory that takes place sometime in the 80s, we’ll be shooting this summer in Paonia, an idyllic small town nestled in Colorado’s North Fork Valley. We’ll also be shooting for a day at the Lincoln Park-Moyer Pool in Grand Junction. Both have a timeless quality that is the perfect backdrop for this tale.

With an entirely Colorado-based cast and crew, Sheryl and 7 and CO Productions are excited to embark on this journey that we hope will help put our state’s nascent narrative scene more firmly on the map. Please join us by contributing to our production and post-production funds to help bring this timeless and universal tale to life!