Red Earth Rising

Red Earth Rising is a feature-length documentary about Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion and the ongoing effects of that colonial history in Indian Country today. A descendant of pioneer settlers seeks a new education on her family land inheritance in Oklahoma. Her journey takes her deep into the heart of former Indian Territory, where she meets Native American activists and artists who feel “homeless in their own homelands” some 150 years after their forced removals. Set against a backdrop of state history celebrations commemorating 100 years of pioneer settlement and land conquest, the oral histories of Native Americans teach us the other side of the story: the present-day legacies of broken treaties, land loss, and environmental destruction that has resulted from a century of “American Progress.” Bringing to life Native histories through animated paintings and oral tradition, this film takes us into our nation’s not-so-distant past, and shows us how all of our histories are deeply connected.

At this current moment, we see ongoing battles– like those at Standing Rock, North Dakota—that remind us that Native Americans are still fighting to maintain their treaty rights on their treaty-protected homelands. As filmmakers, we believe it is important for everyone to have a deeper understanding of US colonial history, and how that history is still affecting Native American communities to this day.

We are in the final editing process, and we still need funds for special effects, animation and musical scoring/licensing that would help bring Native American oral histories to life. Any financial donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated for the completion of this film. For more information about this film, please contact Erin McCarley, director, at: