Red Earth RisingThe US Government called it Indian Territory. Those who survived called it a POW Camp. The Choctaw called it Oklahumma—meaning “Red People.” After centuries of genocide and the brutal colonization of indigenous people across the Americas, a descendant of pioneers returns home to Oklahoma to trace her family roots. Along her journey, we learn the true history of this land from the Native people whose grandparents and great-grandparents were forcibly removed from all over North America to this “dumping ground” that the US government called Indian Territory. Through their eyes, we unravel the mythology of Manifest Destiny and see US History through the lens of cultural survival… a rich history steeped in strength and resilience, a history that holds the key to our future.

Director’s Statement:

Red Earth Rising, a feature-length documentary, is part of a new national conversation, which frames the Native Experience as the Central one; calling on White Identity to become peripheral; to re-align and adjust to it. The United States is already on the cusp of this massive paradigm shift, especially as a result of Standing Rock and new media associated with it. This story pushes the narrative a little further and comes at it from a personal direction.

We are living in a globalized world with a cacophony of multiple narratives on reality, but without many bridges among them. I want to show the connections between seemingly incompatible worldviews. One family’s land grab is another family’s land theft.  One company’s oil fortune is another nation’s poverty.  I believe we need to see these direct connections in order to break down historical privilege and blindness that prevent us from realizing our shared histories and healing our shared futures.

Production Status:

We are in the final editing process, and we still need funds for musical scoring/licensing, special effects, and animation and that would help bring Native American oral histories to life. Any financial donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated for the completion of this film. We are honored to have the Denver Film Society as our Fiscal Sponsor.

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