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Stop Resisting

We are respectfully requesting your support of “Stop Resisting” which discusses policing practices and policies, as well as the communal and individual impact of police brutality in Aurora, Denver, Colorado and America. The title “Stop Resisting” is used because the phrase is used over and over by police before applying sometimes lethal force. The film calls for police departments, police unions, cities, policymakers, and communities to “Stop Resisting” systemic change in policing. The film will examine how phone cameras and police body cameras have helped to change views on the use of force. Additionally, the film will feature an open and honest dialogue between law enforcement and community including multiple community members who have been directly impacted by the use of force.

“Stop Resisting” will provide a platform and foundation for communities to engage in difficult conversations to advocate for change in policing policies and practices. “Stop Resisting” will discuss the mental health impact of the use of force on marginalized communities both locally and nationally by looking at cases in Aurora, Denver, and the various regions of the United States. Specifically, we will highlight the long-term mental health impacts, financial, psychology and moral effect of police violence  has on families which include PTSD, depressions, divorce, etc. “Stop Resisting” is for mass audiences with the goal of improving mental health and healing for communities most impacted by harmful policing practices which include Black communities, communities of color, communities living with disabilities, unhoused individuals, and LGBTQ+ communities. Additionally, “Stop Resisting” will reach white communities and/or allies to educate and inspire them towards holding policymakers, police, and community members accountable because use of force affects us all.

“Stop Resisting” will utilize a multitude of visual elements including the use of family photos of victims and survivors, mural art, audio soundscape, dance, and spoken word as mediums of expression. We intend to screen “Stop Resisting” in collaboration with partnering organizations such as: PBS, KweliTV, YouTube, and various public and private venues. Additionally, “Stop Resisting” screenings will be followed by panels and open community dialogue led by leaders and representatives from communities that are impacted by policing, activists, police, and artists who helped create this film.

“Stop Resisting” is a film produced by No Credits Productions LLC and award-winning director donnie l. betts. donnie focuses on policing in America with an emphasis on the Aurora, Colorado Police Department as a starting point. donnie has been moved and inspired by the unjust deaths of Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Jessica Hernandez, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Devon Bailey, George Floyd, Michael Marshall, and the thousands of unknown citizens that should be alive today. Additionally, donnie has a working relationship with the families of Elijah McClain, Jamaal Bonner, Michael Marshall and Tamir Rice and others which directly impacts his artistic vision. They are the why, the who, the where, and when. No more hashtags.

To produce this film at this time fills an urgent need: as a local and global community, we are grappling with the impact of racism, inequality, and the resulting dissension and unrest. We will discuss the mental health impact that stems from the use of force on the community, the mental health impact on the police locally and nationally.

“Stop Resisting” is told in three acts: 

1) Historical – the inception of policing in the United States via slave patrols, Jim Crow, etc.
2) Present – the over policing of marginalized communities, use of force, the influence District Attorneys, police unions have on policing, and lack of transparency in policing practices and accountability, and
3) Future of Policing – reform, reset, rethinking policing in communities.

“Stop Resisting” is being developed and produced through collaboration with the following community leaders, organizations, and artists: 

donnie betts – producer/director of “Stop Resisting”
Daisy Corso – LGBTQ+ graphic artist for the film and advertisement art.
Michael Hancock – Editor, camera person, and music composer for “Stop Resisting”. Michael’s family has been directly impacted by the use of force and the justice system.
Nadiya Jackson-production associate 
Denver ACLU and National ACLU – Both organizations act as consultants and film producer donnie betts updated on current events related to police brutality.
Alexander Landau – Founder of the Denver Justice Project. An activist and survivor of police brutality, Alexander serves as a consultant and interviewee for the film.
Mari Newman is a civil rights and employment law attorney who has dedicated her
entire career to advocating on behalf of the underdog and disenfranchised against
the entrenched power of government and corporations.   Legal Consultant
Jacob Mora – Founder and Executive Director of the Moraporvida Contemporary Dance Company. Jacob will produce a dance piece for the film.
Omar Montgomery– Executive Director of the Aurora NAACP, activist and academic advisor. has been involved with the city of Aurora and review boards for Aurora Police Department. Omar will serve as a consultant and interviewee of the film.
Bobby and Brenda Bonner– Activists and family impacted by police violence. Bobby and Brenda are parents of Jamaal Bonner who was shot and killed by Aurora Police in 2003.
Various Journalist Organizations – Local and national media news organizations such the National Association of Black Journalists.

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