Colorado is in danger of losing its film business. 2016 has been the biggest year for Colorado film in over 20 years. More than six major features filmed in the state putting hundreds of people to work and seeing millions in in-state spending. However, the Colorado film incentive must be funded every year by the Colorado legislature. We must have the support of our lobbyists to have any chance to continue this amazing growth. CINEMA funds these lobbying efforts through community donations from individuals and companies. CINEMA cannot help protect our film industry without your donations.
CINEMA, Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media and Arts, is devoted to promoting statewide advocacy and education as to the effects of media production on the local and state economy. Media production stimulates virtually all facets of the economy through increased sales and lodging activity, job creation, tourism and much much more.
Founded in 2012, CINEMA successfully lobbied for a first of its kind progressive media incentive that provided benefits to the media production without putting state money at risk. Since 2012, the incentive program has rebated $14 million which has generated more than $94 million of media spend into the state. This has resulted in nearly 2,900 Colorado jobs and 75% of the companies receiving the benefit have been Colorado companies.
CINEMA executes its mission through the formal employ of professional lobbyists, driving awareness of the media industry’s importance the state’s economic well-being; promoting the accomplishments of the media industry and explaining how those accomplishments drive jobs and enhancements for the state; and aiding the state and regional film commissions in attracting production and celebrating their successes.
CINEMA needs your help to continue this mission. Media incentives face challenges each year and are only defeated through the work of our amazing lobbyist team, the Office of Film, Television and New Media and CINEMA’s volunteers. Our lobbyist team has been incredibly supportive and offered vastly discounted rates, but we still have to pay them. CINEMA needs your donations to continue creating jobs and stimulating local and state economies. Please use the information attached here to make a completely tax-deductible donation to Denver Film for CINEMA.