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The Last Bill, A Senator's Story


With our current social injustices, privileged apathy, and uncivil discourse, it is a critical time for people to understand their government and know the impact of their votes and our public servants. Former State Senator Linda Newell (a Denver Film Society inductee) has returned to her original profession as a creative and is now producing Inside Civics, a docu-series with behind-the-scenes civic education stories of the humans doing the work of the people. Through the personal frames of public servants, voters, and activists, our vision via film is to educate and engage people on how our government really works from the inside and how to influence it with the least harm and highest good.

It is our mission to have our civic education films available to every classroom, library, and home across the state, and perhaps the nation. Due to the majority of people (and curricula) focused on the Federal government, our series starts where people know the least: the state-level three branches of government, as well as timely citizen engagement.  Akin to the days of Schoolhouse Rock, Inside Civics intends to produce short and mini projects with a blend of salient content and humor following a human story for a more thoughtful, empathic, and inclusive society.

The Last Bill, a Senator’s Story

In her last session, former Senator Linda Newell filmed this behind-the-scenes documentary short of her real-life story carrying bills through the state legislature. Here, we see from an insider’s perspective how difficult it can be to turn a bill into law.  As we follow Sen. Newell (D), joined by Sen. Kevin Lundberg (R), through the process, she works her bills of suicide prevention and intentional misrepresentation of service animals, being challenged from across the aisle, attempting bipartisanship, all with a bit of humor and fortitude.

The Executive Branch (working title)

What does a Governor actually do? What is it like personally to live the life of a public figure in a fishbowl for all to see and judge while doing their job? We follow the Colorado Governor and Lt. Governor in their chambers at the state Capitol and across the state. Through intimate interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage, the film will reveal the ups-and-downs of leading a state government.

Current Financial Needs

The Last Bill, a Senator’s Story—funding for content development of companion curriculum guide for teachers and streaming and DVD distribution in libraries and campuses.

The Executive Branch—last phase of shooting and post-production funding.

Next on tap, are plans for The Judiciary (working title), following the lives of elected Judges and appointed Justices.

Why now?

  • Only 26% of Americans can name all three branches of government, and now our democracy is in danger as a result of uninformed voters.
  • Congress and state officials’ ratings are at an all-time low— with a poor perception of both government and elected public servants, ranging from apathy to hostility.
  • The 2016 election cycle also showed the need for voters to better understand others living outside their own “bubble.”  What better way to do that than from an inside view?

“If something is not done to improve the level of civic knowledge, that is what you should worry about at night.”  2012

 –Honorable David Souter, Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice


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