Young Filmmakers Workshop

Introducing an opportunity for students to safely learn the techniques of filmmaking remotely this summer from the comfort of their own homes.

Young Filmmaker students will meet once a day for a week-long course where they will collaborate with other students and create projects inspired by a specific film genre. Students will then have a chance to showcase their final project at the 44th annual Denver Film Festival in November. These are bite-sized courses perfect for both the entry level filmmakers starting out and the experienced filmmakers looking to expand their skill set.

AUGUST 2 – 6, 2021

Girls Film Course

Girls Film students will meet once a day for a week-long course where they will collaborate with other students and create projects inspired by women in film throughout history.

YFW Curriculum Overview:

Each course will begin with students learning (or refreshing on) the basics of film grammar and shot vocabulary. Subsequently, students will dive into film explorations by analyzing classic scenes from their chosen genre. Inspired by the analysis, students will accomplish exercises in filmmaking that build the skill-set of their chosen genre.
Each course will conclude with the development of a narrative short that will be showcased during the 44th Denver Film Festival (November 3-14, 2021) in front of a citywide audience of cineastes

Who can sign up?

High-school students (14 – 18) from throughout the Denver Metro Area and beyond!
Classes will be entirely virtual so there is no restriction on location. 

Available Courses

We have 3 epic genre-based courses available this summer. Each course will last 1 week and will focus on one film genre:
  • Film Noir: June 14 – 20, 2021
  • Horror: June 21 – 27, 2021
  • Auteur Theory: June 28 – July 4

Classes will be held from 9:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday with hour lunch break at noon.

Equipment Needed

Every student will need to provide their own equipment such as:
  • Computer for editing (i.e. iMovie, Adobe Premiere, etc.) and attending Virtual Class
  • Camera to shoot on (i.e. iPhone, Android Phone, DSLR, etc.) 
  • Zoom Account to virtually attend class


Registration for Summer 2021 is now closed.


Week 1

Film Noir:  The Art of Lighting

June 14  – 20, 2021

Students will examine and be inspired by this classic genre of the 1940s and 50s; the roots of the hit TV series Breaking Bad. Students will learn to embrace light as special effects (what kind of “cookie” is not edible?), shadow as texture,  snappy dialogue to create atmosphere, and determine how to properly highlight Bette Davis’ eyes. Crime, investigations and the Femme-fatale double-cross create the cinematic world without a moral compass – A Touch Of Evil from Out Of The Past when the Postman always rings twice. 

Week 2

Horror: The Art of Practical Effects

June 21 – 27, 2021

Watch out Get Out! Students will examine aspects of what makes the magic of movie making “magic” –  before computers were in use! Learn to make your own (delicious) blood, learn to stage a slap (or punch), lose a tooth, and impale a person’s hand with a pencil. Follow The Final Girl through thrills, action and scares that will creep into your final narrative short.

Week 3

Auteur Theory: The Art of  Cinematography

June 28 – July 4, 2021

You’ve got a vision!  Write, direct, storyboard and shoot; all on your own!– this is what the auteur theory is about; a single director doing it all. Students will examine the works of legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurasawa (inspiration to George Lucas for Star Wars). Students will be inspired to write, direct and shoot their own narrative short with an emphasis on action – embracing a depth of cinematography to make your visual story come alive!

Meet Your Teach

Gwylym Cano is an independent filmmaker and video artist in the Denver Metro area. Rather than “Hollywood” Cano has kept his style “rasquache” – Chicanx-style (though a bit of his Welsh background creeps in.)  10 years ago he started Colorado Academy’s filmmaking program and his students have won numerous awards, local and international. Early in the Mesozoic Era Cano studied film and theater at Yale University. He’s a proud father of two and a red healer who grows wider rather than older. He’s excited to share his passion for film with you. 


We want to create a learning program with greater accessibility. This means cheaper price points, available scholarships, remote learning with a larger potential audience and demographic. Flexible payment plans available.

$300 per course

Thank you to our sponsors!

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