Films: Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

USA, 2007, 84 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Thriller
Language: English

DIRECTOR: J.P. Schaefer
Producer: Gilbert Alloul, Rick Chard, John Flock, Gary Howsam, Jared Leto, Lewin Webb
Editor: Andrew Hafitz, Jim Makiej
Screenwriter: J.P. Schaefer
Cinematographer: Tom Richmond
Music: Anthony Marinelli
Principal Cast: Jared Leto, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Lindsay Chapman
Filmography: Chapter 27 is J.P. Schafer's first directorial project.
US Distributor: Peace Arch Entertainment

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On December 8, 1980—a date with destiny that will forever be etched on the tragic history of music—Mark David Chapman (Jared Leto) shot John Lennon five times outside The Dakota, the New York apartment Lennon shared with wife Yoko Ono. Why did he do it? What compelled this apparently normal married man to assassinate a music legend and icon of the '60s peace and love movement? Writer/director J.P. Schaefer delves into Chapman's deteriorating mental state in the weekend leading up to the inevitable tragedy. Did his attachment to the classic novel The Catcher in the Rye finally cause him to lose his grip on reality and carry out the infamous murder? Lindsay Lohan co-stars.

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