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  • Sunday, November 16, 3:00 PM
    zzDenver Newspaper Agency


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Stop The Presses! Film + Panel

Stop The Presses! Film + Panel

USA, 2008, 120 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subject: Documentary
Program: Documentary Films

DIRECTOR: Mark Birnbaum, Manny Mendoza
Producer: Mark Birnbaum, Manny Mendoza
Editor: Mark Birnbaum, Manny Mendoza

Manny Mendoza and Mark Birnbaum’s documentary Stop the Presses provides the springboard for this panel discussion about the fate of print journalism in deeply troubled economic times. How can newspapers generate revenue as their readerships increasingly turn to the Internet for coverage? How long can organizations operating in the red continue to maintain large staffs of reporters? Are we close to the day when the presses stop for good? The answers to these urgent and challenging questions may determine not only the future of our media but the very stability of our democracy.



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