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Bag It

Bag It

USA, 2010, 79 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Colorado, Documentary, Environmental
Programs: Documentary Films, Spotlight on Colorado, The Environment in Focus
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Suzan Beraza
Producer: Michelle Hill
Editor: Casey Nay
Screenwriter: Michelle Curry Wright
Cinematographer: Leigh Reagan
Principal Cast: 

“Average guy” Jeb Berrier charismatically narrates this documentary by Suzan Beraza about the role of plastics in our lives—and the havoc they’ve wreaked. As Berrier makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags at home, he starts to wonder what happens when we throw something in the trash. What he discovers is alarming: the single-use products we purchase may be convenient, but they are devastating our landscape, waterways and even our health, leading to a crisis of global proportions.

Berrier takes a world tour to see just how big the plastics predicament is and how other countries are tackling it, while delving into the complexities of recycling. Compared, for instance, to Ireland—which has reduced its use of plastic bags by over 90 percent by establishing a tax—the United States reserves 12 million barrels of oil annually to make the bags Americans use. The amount of garbage produced each year could bury 82,000 football fields six feet deep in trash or fill enough trucks to form a line to the moon—but instead it goes into landfills, where it remains for generations.

Berrier’s journey takes an intimate twist when he learns that his girlfriend, Anne, is pregnant—rendering the crisis of contamination via toxins that leech into our food, water and even baby products, causing myriad health problems, all the more frighteningly urgent. His advice: just bag those bags.
—Rebecca Caro

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