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India, 2010, 87 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Cult, Drama, Music, Psychological
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Reel Social Club
Language: Hindi English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: Q Overdose
Producer: Dipankar Chaki, Celine Loop
Editor: Manas Mittal
Screenwriter: Q
Cinematographer: Q
Principal Cast: 

Mixing a raw character study with street interviews, music video vignettes, and metacinematic plot twists, this exemplar of anti-Bollywood realism whisks viewers through the streets of Kolkata in a whirlwind of frenetic energy, where few taboos go unbroken.

Gandu—which translates as Asshole—is a loner. While his mother makes ends meet by prostituting herself to the wealthy owner of the local Internet café, Gandu supports himself by sneaking into his mother’s bedroom to steal money out of her client’s wallet. Initially, making rap music about his problems and attempting to win the lottery provide an escape from his dreary existence. But when he forms an unlikely friendship with Rickshaw—a drug-addicted, Bruce Lee–obsessed rickshaw driver—escape becomes trap, as the two freebase their way into delirium.

India’s answer to Gaspar Noé’s Enter The Void, Gandu thrives on a profusion of splitscreens, text, and explicit scenes in a mixture of black-and-white footage and saturated color that will not be soon forgotten. Director Q’s vision of modern vice is nothing if not fearless.

GANDU TRAILER BERLINALE from Overdose Joint on Vimeo.

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