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Hanna Ranch

Hanna Ranch

USA, 2012, 73 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Animals, Documentary, Environmental, Psychological
Program: Special Presentation
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Mitch Dickman
Producer: Karl Kister, Eric Schlosser
Editor: Zachary Armstrong, Davis Coombe
Cinematographer: Zachary Armstrong

ENDS THURSDAY at the Sie FilmCenter.

“A cowboy never really knows what he’ll get into.”

The statement that opens Mitch Dickman’s Hanna Ranch certainly applies to Colorado rancher Kirk Hanna. After his father’s tragic death, Hanna’s mother married the rancher next door and merged two families, two ranches. The results brought years of conflict. Hanna spent his short life trying to mend fences between family members as well as between local cattlemen and environmentalists. As urban development encroached, Hanna came up with new solutions to preserve and protect his land. Eventually known as the “Eco-Rancher,” he incorporated holistic resource management techniques.

As he tells Hanna’s story, Dickman pays visual homage to rural America with vistas of the surrounding landscape. Through interviews, he allows family members to tell their side of a very complex story. He also includes statements from Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser to confirm the widespread impact of Hanna’s revolutionary ideas.


Colorado Creative Industries, Colorado Film and Video Association, Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media, Denver Pavilions, SCFD, The Nature Conservancy

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