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All Together Now

All Together Now

USA, 2013, 82 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Coming of Age, Music, Teen
Program: New Directors Showcase
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Alexander Mirecki
Producer: Leah Fong, Michael Younesi
Editor: Gal Muggia
Screenwriter: Alexander Mirecki, Ryan Kasmiskie
Cinematographer: Zoran Popovic
Principal Cast: Lou Taylor Pucci, James Duval, Stella Maeve, Nora Kirkpatrick, Morgan Krantz

A rambling, sprawling, Altmanesque hybrid of music documentary and coming-of-age drama, All Together Now follows an interlocking cast of teenagers and 20-somethings at a more-or-less impromptu concert in the woods. The drama and comedy of this alcohol-fueled adventure in the forest unfold against a mostly harsh sound environment provided by four underground bands: Manicorn, Night Control, Pedestrian Deposit, and Nice Face. Mild-mannered, self-effacing concert promoter Ron has staged the bands’ performances in a makeshift shed, but the real “party” is happening deep in the woods. The often dissonant sound reflects the agony and bliss of the hookups and breakups. A man who’s lost everything goes on the offensive with a samurai sword. A young member of the elite wanders around lost in a way that suggests serious, possibly criminal loss, until he’s confronted by an admirer who quickly turns vicious. Virginal high-schoolers latch onto “older” women for a painful initiation, while two gay boys battle over how far to go. Meanwhile, a teenage blogger documents the cheapest bits of drama around the edges, while Dad’s in the parking lot talking about aliens with a kid who’s not having a good night and her rancorous chaperones get more entangled than they intended.

The ride is reminiscent of both American Graffiti and Penelope Spheeris’s The Decline of Western Civilization. Indie to its very core, the movie offers serious subtext behind lightweight interaction and finds a way to go out with both a bang and a whimper.

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