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Wrong Time Wrong Place

Wrong Time Wrong Place

Netherlands, 2012, 80 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Historical/Period
Programs: Documentary, Focus on National Cinema: Netherlands
Language: Norwegian, English English Subtitles

DIRECTOR: John Appel
Producer: Carmen Cobos
Editor: Mario Steenbergen
Cinematographer: Erik van Empel

In the moving documentary Wrong Time Wrong Place, director John Appel interviews victims of the 2011 massacre in Oslo and Utoya, Norway. Those who survived gunman Anders Breivik’s rampage question how the hand of fate kept them safe while so many others perished.

Ritah, a Ugandan refugee who was two months pregnant, hid in the toilets when the shooting began and was spared. Tamta, a Georgian student at the island camp, says mere chance kept her alive while her best friend died. Harald, a government worker blinded by the Oslo explosion, calls it pure coincidence that he wasn’t killed. Appel makes a point of not mentioning the killer’s name in the film, but instead focuses on the victims and their families, who must journey back through grief and guilt. Each survivor speaks to the camera with honest and raw emotion.

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