Films: The Land that Feeds Us Presented by Hanna Ranch

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  • Sunday, November 10, 12:00 PM


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The Land that Feeds Us Presented by Hanna Ranch

The Land that Feeds Us Presented by Hanna Ranch

USA, 90 Minute Running Time

Hanna Ranch, an “Environment in Focus” documentary selection, introduces us to holistic ranching pioneer Kirk Hanna. Dubbed the original “eco-cowboy,” his legacy lives on in the sustainable ranching movement – which is up against grim statistics. Over the last 30 years, half a million ranchers have quit or gone out of business due to relentless encroachment of development and misuse of land. Moderated by Linger and Root Down's Culinary Director Daniel Asher, this in-depth discussion over brunch will tackle the issues facing the agriculture industry in our country today – how can it withstand continual loss? Who will be at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement? Who will be the stewards of the land that feeds us?

Panelists: Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation, Food Inc., Command and Control), Chris Pague (The Nature Conservancy), Matthew Jones (Slow Food USA), Dale Lasater (Lasater Grasslands Beef)

Brunch by: Linger and Root Down


Linger, RedLine, Root Down, Slow Food USA, The Nature Conservancy

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