Films: Stanley Film Festival - Stanley Shorts Program II

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Stanley Film Festival - Stanley Shorts Program II

Stanley Film Festival - Stanley Shorts Program II

93 Minute Running Time

Films in Program...

  • Angst, Piss & Shit

    Angst, Piss & Shit

    Norway , 2013 , 19 min.
    Director: Fredrik S. Hana Angst, Piss & Shit is a black comedy that deals with twisted, complicated love between two murdering psychopaths. A young couple that once shared a fascination for mass murder and torture, but now resemble a sad and lifeless parody on relationships.... more
  • Baskin


    Turkey , 11 min.
    Director: Can Evrenol Four cops, go to hell.... more
  • The Guest

    The Guest

    Canada , 5 min.
    Director: Jovanka Vuckovic In this existential thriller, a man must face the consequences of a mysterious bargain he has made.... more
  • Here Be Monsters

    Here Be Monsters

    New Zealand , 15 min.
    Director: Paul Glubb , Nic Gorman He only has one chance to live the last day of his life.... more
  • Perfect Drug

    Perfect Drug

    Belgium , 2012 , 12 min.
    Director: Toon Aerts A heist of strange chemical substances goes wrong when one of the thieves can't resist drinking the glowing elixir.... more
  • The Present

    The Present

    Taiwan , 15 min.
    Director: Joe Hsieh A married man on a business trip checks into a hotel. The hotel manager's daughter falls for him at first sight. Rejected by the man, she embarks on a journey of revenge.... more
  • Wawd Ahp

    Wawd Ahp

    3 min.
    Director: Steve Girard A man raps in front of the mirror, cuts his head off and has sex with it. There is also a cartoon.... more
  • White Morning

    White Morning

    United Kingdom , 2013 , 12 min.
    Director: Paul Barritt Six naughty boys carry out an act of violence exploding into a visual investigation of the war machine the boys inevitably, instantaneously become.... more
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