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Festival de Cine Mexicano

The Mexican film industry is experiencing a period of flowering artistic growth and has clearly established itself as the cinematic leader of the Spanish-speaking world. The Starz Denver Film Festival is proud to present a selection of these works.
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  • The Black Panther

    The Black Panther

    Mexico , 2010 , 108 min. Noir meets sci-fi meets classic Mexican cinema in director Iyeri Wertta’s surreal black-and-white pulp fantasy, where God, Death and a cryogenically frozen Pedro Infante all play a role in alcoholic gumshoe Nico Beamonte’s existential dilemma-and his quest for the mysterious Pantera Negra.... more
  • Cephalopod


    Mexico , 2010 , 90 min. Directed by Rubén Ímaz, this existential tale of love and loss follows young Basque-Mexican painter Sebastián from Spain to Mexico City to mourn the death of his girlfriend—and embark on a search for the legendary giant squid with which she was obsessed.... more
  • To the Sea

    To the Sea

    Mexico , 2009 , 73 min. Lying somewhere between documentary and narrative, To the Sea poignantly views the world through the eyes of a child. Before returning to Rome with his Italian mother, five-year-old Natan spends an idyllic summer on a coral reef with his Mexican father.... more
  • We Are What We Are

    We Are What We Are

    Mexico , 2010 , 90 min. Digital presentation - The old cliché about a hard-working dad who brings home the bacon gets a disturbing new twist in Mexican director Jorge Michel Grau’s slow boil of a first feature. It begins with the death of an older, nondescript gentleman in a busy public walkway; after cleaning u... more
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