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Denver Film is proud to support Colorado production. Please check out the featured projects below that are part of our Fiscal Sponsorship program. Your donations directly help each project complete their work. Thank you for supporting Colorado production with us.


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Aberrant is the story of Samuel, a distraught father, who, after the suicide of his daughter, finds himself visited by a demon that whispers dark thoughts into his ear and ultimately encourages him to take his life.

Beasts Undiscovered

Beasts Undiscovered is a father-daughter wilderness comedy, similar in tone to Sundance darlings like Little Miss Sunshine and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but set in the Rockies, and with the addition of Jim Henson fantasy elements.

The Rock Within

A traditional East Indian American determined to give her only child a sibling, risks her cross-cultural friendship, her family, and her career to define herself beyond motherhood.

Making Tracks

Tracks is a legendary gay nightclub known countrywide. Little do people know, this LGBTQ+ safe-haven was founded by a straight, conservative businessman, Marty Chernoff, who stumbled into owning it. Inspired by true events in 1980s Denver, Making Tracks is a coming-of-age drama that follows Marty and a young, recently outed gay teen who ran away from home as they journey through identity, love, and belonging.


If you were told a girl struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back in a ballgame, would that get your attention? It happened in 1931 in Chattanooga, TN. and yet, the story of Jackie Mitchell’s place in baseball lore is somehow lost in obscurity.

Final Descent

Final Descent is a short story that reveals the promise of the human spirit, even when the end is eminent for the ones we love, we are still capable of magical and wondrous things.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide is a female-driven western about one woman’s unorthodox journey to rediscover her identity after trauma, and the women she meets along the way whose individual challenges and tragedies, when put together, create a scrapbook of female resilience as it was forged by hostile conditions of the times.

The Great Now What

After surviving a devastating stroke, a newly chronically-ill actress takes hold of the camera and finds fellowship with other badass disabled women. Together they interrogate ableist stereotypes while gathering the grit and worthiness to keep making art. #ArtHealsPain #TheGreatNowWhat

Stop Resisting

This new documentary from award-winning director donnie l. betts explores the communal and individual impact of police brutality in Colorado and nationwide, calling for stakeholders, from police departments and policymakers to community leaders, to "Stop Resisting" systemic change in policing.

The Heels Have Eyes

A Dragumentary is an intimate look behind the makeup of one of the most fascinating subcultures to captivate popular culture: drag performance.

The Holly

Award-winning journalist Julian Rubinstein turns his lens on the city in which he grew up, capturing an unforgettable story from inside one of Denver’s legendary gang communities.

The Social Dilema

Your donation will go directly to the impact campaign for The Social Dilemma and support our team in using the film to change how technology is designed, regulated, and used.


(Im)perfect follows the personal stories and struggles that a cast of disabled actors faces every day in a world still full of prejudice and exclusion.

The Last Bill, A Senator's Story

The Last Bill, a Senator’s Story, following Senator Linda Newell’s suicide prevention bill through the legislative process, is being primed for distribution.

She Quit

She Quit is a six-episode docuseries about the exodus of Black women from the traditional workforce due to the health, financial and emotional trauma we are experiencing.

A Long March

In 1941 Filipino forces were conscripted into the U.S. Army. During WWII 260,000 Filipino troops fought, falling at seven times the rate of their American counterparts.


The film will showcase various positive impacts that a once dormitory-style support system had on a small sample of children who were residents of Maryville during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Sweet Home Monteverde

How far would you go for your beliefs? For a group of rural Alabama pacifists in 1950, whose faith and ideals clashed with American militarism, the answer was Costa Rica, a country that had just abolished its army.

Mujer Santuario (Sanctuary Woman)

After being named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017, our cameras follow Jeanette Vizguerra’s public activism as well as her private battle to remain in the United States with her children.

The Next Act

Set against the controversy around transgender representations in media, four transgender artists explore authenticity in stage and screen through their own diverse experiences and viewpoints.

Pain Brain

Alan Gordon, a therapist from Los Angeles, claims to be able to cure chronic back pain — a 600 billion dollar thorn in the paw of US healthcare.

Red Earth Rising

The US Government called it Indian Territory. Those who survived the Removals called it a POW Camp. The Choctaw called it Oklahumma — meaning “Red People.” A settler’s granddaughter explores her past through new teachers — the very people whose land was taken by her ancestors.

Remebering Us

Remembering Us explores how families cope with this long-term illness and the stigma associated with it. It’s an emotional journey of overcoming biases against the illness, plus the patient’s preconceptions toward using marijuana to treat his illness: a recognized medical option with its own set of stigmas.

This is (Not) Who We Are

'The happiest place in America is Boulder, Colorado.’ – said no Black person ever.

Voices Rock

Established in 2015, Voices Rock is a community of rock choirs serving both children and adults in the Denver area. A “come as you are choir,” Voices Rock welcomes all individuals whether they are seasoned or brand new singers.

BLACKFACE: the story of nobody

Your donation will move this award-winning screenplay from script to feature film and contribute to the national social justice conversation, including access and remedying systemic racial inequities.


ERASED is a feature documentary about the hidden crime of drug-facilitated sexual assault. ERASED explores the lack of data yet enormous prevalence and impact of this type of assault, showing how rape culture makes every aspect of this crime perfectly constructed to remain invisible — underreported, unbelieved, and easy to get away with.

EcoQuest: The Last Garden Of Eden

Eco Quest: The Last Garden of Eden is the new, never before seen 4k documentary television series for the intrepid traveler. This pilot + 6 part series focuses on sustainable tourism, connecting viewers to the pulse of the planet by providing rare access to the natural world and thrilling adventures showcasing exotic places, cultures, and the people who are making a difference to protect our natural world.

I Was Born This Way

I WAS BORN THIS WAY is an innovative documentary by the Oscar and Emmy winning team of Daniel Junge and Sam Pollard, telling the incredible story of Archbishop Bean through interviews, archival footage, and animation.


Now, as he begins his journey towards retirement, Duain Wolfe’s story ripe to be told through film. From his humble beginnings in rural Louisiana to creating one of the country’s leading children’s choirs to directing two of the top symphony chorus ensembles in the world, Duain Wolfe has shaped how choral and musical directors approach the craft.

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